Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

For arranging Baptisms, Confirmations and Marriages or to discuss matters relating to a funeral service please contact the Vicar (tel. 01663 635273) or the Parish Administrator (tel. 01663 764175). We consider it a great privilege to share with families in these significant life events and are pleased to answer any questions you may have.

More information about these significant life events can be found on the Church of England website:


We operate an open baptism policy for children of families living within our parish, on our electoral roll or with other connections to the church.  In the case of adults or teenagers, a course of preparation and commitment of faith is expected. Re-affirmation of baptismal vows can also be arranged.

Baptism of children at St Mary’s usually takes place during or after the 11.00am Service, and in the afternoon at St john’s. Parents are encouraged to bring their child to church as often as possible both before and after the baptism service. There is no charge for baptisms. Do contact the Vicar or Pastoral Worker if you’d like to find out more.

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The date and time of your wedding should be fixed as soon as possible with the Vicar and a booking form completed and signed.

We encourage couples preparing for marriage to attend Sunday worship as regularly as possible. The Vicar will want to meet with you two or three times before your wedding, as well as any initial booking-in procedure, to discuss plans for the service and to look through the marriage vows with you. We also organise a half-day ‘Life Together’ course once a year (optional!) which we hope couples preparing for marriage will find helpful..

If you are considering a church wedding you might find this video helpful

Marriage blessings, anniversary thanksgivings and reaffirmation of marriage vows can also be arranged.


In arranging the time and date of a funeral service it is usual, and most helpful, if  the first point of contact is the Funeral Director but the Vicar is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.