Giving and Discipleship

The church looks beautiful but needs a lot of maintaining, and Disley Parish Churches  rely on donations from our members and visitors to stay open and support the local community.  Regular giving is possible through Standing Order, or the Envelope Scheme and it is also now possible to donate electronically through the following link.  All methods allow the opportunity to Gift Aid your donation, thereby increasing the amount received by the Parish.
Disley Parish Churches Giving Page
In particular we need to raise a lot of money for essential work on the tower and rest of the church to ensure the brickwork remains sound and stops leaking water into the church (at times the water can stream down the tower steps).  This will include fund raising and grant application to work alongside others as a team. If you are interested speak to David Kidd or the vicar to explore how you can be involved as we look to start this project and maintain our heritage.
All Gifts are very gratefully received to be used to share God’s word in our church, our community and throughout the world