Our Vision
To create a place where children can truly feel part of God’s story.
Where they don’t just learn Information, they live it, and are encouraged to grow in their faith!
We aim to instil, within all the children that attend any of the children’s work that takes place through St. Mary’s and St. John’s Church, a firm foundation of Biblical knowledge and normality of conversation with God and an expectancy to hear back from Him;
in order for them to hold to these things and stand firm in their faith in the face of  non-Christian  agendas that may come their way  during their teenage years and beyond.
Open the Book began in Bedford in 1999, when a group of Christians started presenting Bible stories in school assemblies. It was so popular it grew and grew, becoming a national charity. In 2013 Open the Book became part of Bible Society.  Now members of local churches go into schools and tell stories in a 10-15 minute presentation. This can be incorporated into a wider school assembly, or stand alone.
Open the Book presents the Bible in primary schools in an accessible and enjoyable way, which helps schools meet their statutory collective worship obligations. They also equip, encourage and enable volunteers from churches to deliver good quality assemblies through excellent training and feedback session that they offer regularly.
How are we at Disley involved?
Disley’s Churches Together have formed an ‘Open The Book’ team that present the Bible in the local primary schools in Disley, Newtown and Furness Vale area.